The Grand Crusader, Nimrod's Flagship

Titan-class Batteships were the largest ships in the Altarin'Dakor fleets. They ranged from 30-50 kilometers in length, they were floating cities, housing factories, simulated environments, training grounds, hydroponic farms, railcar systems, and everything necessary to sustain its crew through potentially years-long missions. They also housed full military compliments, including thousands of fighters and hundreds of thousands of troops.

Titans were built using artifically-intelligent nanotechnology (codenamed "ShadowTech"), making each one unique. Some dated back to the time of the Great War, over 25,000 years before the events in the New Imperium storyline. They were used as fleets unto themselves, and the largest Titans were the flagships of the Shok'Thola, the Altarin'Dakor Warlords. This is a list of all the known Titan-class Battleships within the Altarin'Dakor fleets.

List of Titans Edit

Infinity (Altarin'Dakor Flagship - used by Altima)

Sky Gate (Guards the Galactic Gate - reports only to Altima's command)

Grand Crusader (Nimrod's Flagship - later claimed by the New Imperium)

Decimator (Ship in Nimrod's fleet)

The Nexus, Zalaria's Flagship

Eradicator (Ship in Nimrod's fleet)
Annihilator (Ship in Nimrod's fleet - destroyed at Eridani by the New Imperium)
Terminator (Ship in Nimrod's fleet)
Desolation (Ship in Nimrod's fleet - destroyed at the Battle of Varnus)
Ascendancy (Ship in Nimrod's Fleet - later claimed by the New Imperium)
Hegemony (Ship in Nimrod's Fleet - destroyed at the Battle of Varnus) Fall of Light (Ship in Nimrod's fleet)
Right of Conquest (Ship in Nimrod's fleet)
Subjugation (Ship in Nimrod's Fleet)
Nimbus (Zalaria)
Nexus (Zalaria's Flagship)
Invading Light (Calvernic's Flagship)
Evil Star (Sado)

The Cataclysm

Warhawk (Akargan's fleet)
Extinction (Akargan's fleet)
Exterminator (Akargan's fleet)
Overlord (Akargan's fleet)
Death Wing (Kronos' Flagship - part of Varnus attack force)
Blood Viper (part of Kronos' fleet - part of Varnus attack force)
Devastator (part of Kronos' fleet - part of Varnus attack force - destroyed at Varnus)
Cataclysm (part of Kronos' fleet. Participated in the Battle of Mizar and drove off the attacking NI fleet. Used by Nimrod in the Battle of Varnus. Later claimed by the New Imperium.)
Tormentor (Velius)


The Devastator

Violator (Velius)
Defiler (Velius)
Krasijik (Raftina)

Valrakis (Raftina)
Sha'raji (Raftina)
Nightstar (Asellus)
Dark Sun (Asellus)
Vertigo (Asellus)
Nightlord (Asellus)

Eternity (Strife's Flagship)

Maelstrom (part of Strife's fleet)
Oblivion (part of Strife's fleet)
Abyss '(part of Strife's fleet)
Harbinger (Mordachus' ship - taken by Strife after he killed Mordachus)


An unnamed Titan fires its Mauler-class weapon

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