Tanya Vinikoro was a pilot in Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron, where she served as Inferno Three. An ace pilot with experience in the Imperial Navy, she nevertheless perished in the Battle of Varnus when she was overcome by Jedicon pilots.

Background Edit

Tanya Vinikoro was a human woman from Coruscant. She was tall, pale-skinned and had short, dark hair. She served in the Imperial Navy until the Battle of Endor, after which she joined up with Imperial Warlord and Fleet Admiral Caramon Majere. She served with that fleet until it retreated from Byss and joined the New Imperium. After that, Majere needed someone to fill a symbolic gesture of goodwill towards the rest of the NI. After speaking with Vinikoro, she volunteered for Maarek's elite Inferno Squadron, which he was putting together.

Tanya had nerves of quadranium and an eye that could take out a womprat at a thousand meters. Very much business-at-hand, it was hard for others to know her deeply, something she avoided anyway. It was difficult for her to open up about her past; growing up in a strict Imperial family, she had little in the way of a childhood or fond family memories. Her training on Byss gave her the most Imperialistic personality of the squadron members, often putting her at odds with the idealistic Salle Darl and other members, but she never let opinions get in the way of orders.

Tanya perished in the Battle of Varnus along with Bast Vlagen and Rann Wosper, when Jedicon pilots used their Force abilities to cloud their minds and made them easy targets for the Altarin'Dakor.

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