The TIE Avatar

The TIE Avatar was the staple starfighter of the New Imperium Starfleet, designed by Trident Systems and the Walt Amason of the New Corporate Sector Authority.

The initial design was built using the body of a modified Imperial Missle Boat, paired with the out-turned solar panel wings of a TIE Avenger. The resulting fighte had both excellent straighline speed as well as maneuverability, even in an atmosphere. Most NI fighter pilots compared it to a TIE Defender, and although it wasn't quite as maneuverable, it boasted more firepower and was much cheaper to produce.

The TIE Avatar debuted after the New Imperium annexed the Sigma and Moro star systems and gained the ability to mass-produce both starfighters and starships. It first saw combat just prior to the invasion of the Altarin'Dakor.

Specifications and ArmamentEdit

The TIE Avatar's stock armament was four laser emplacements on the wingtips and two ion cannons mounted under the nose. Twin missile launchers were mounted to either side of the cockpit, and could be outfitted with concussion missiles or advanced proton torpedoes. The initial fighter also had a fixed, single-use heavy rocket launcher mounted above the cockpit. Although it could not be rearmed mid-flight, this launcher gave the fighter some of the punch that a fully-fledged bomber had.

The Avatar was equipped with a powerful shield package, and even had space for an accessory, which most often included a tractor beam.

Modified TIE Avatar

Modifications with Altarin'Dakor TechnologyEdit

After the Shok'Thola Zalaria joined with the New Imperium, engineers were able to modify the existing TIE Avatar to incorporate Altarin'Dakor technology. In order to do this, they installed an upgraded power plant derived from Altarin'Dakor fighters. The wingtip lasers were replaced with deadly Altarin'Dakor beam weapons, the missile launchers were modified to fire Shockwave missiles and the shields were upgraded as well.

With these modifications in place, the fighter became more than a match for most Altarin'Dakor starfighters.


TIE Avatars in action

A third varient, rarely seen, incorporated six beam weapons as well as the ion cannons, though the heavy rockets had to be removed. However, due to the limitations of the power plant, all six weapons were unable to be fired simultaneously.