Rivian von Donitz

Colonel Rivian von Donitz was an Imperial fighter ace who served in Admiral Caramon Majere's fleet in the Imperial Remnant after the Battle of Endor. He was distinguished as having more kills than any other known Imperial ace except possibly Baron Fel. He later joined the New Imperium along with Majere's fleet, after fleeing the Imperial stronghold of Byss. Donitz made more Altarin'Dakor kills in the New Imperium than any other pilot, even including Maarek Stele. Sometimes called "Iceman" by his wingmates (and rivals), Donitz had nerves that were tough as steel and an uncanny aim that no enemy could escape from. He was so deadly in the pilot's seat that most others flat-out refused to face him in the simulators.

Donitz grew up on Ziost, where the planet's Sith history profoundly affected the culture and thinking of its people. When he came of age, flying for the Empire was a matter of course, and he made ace before he was nineteen. He collected few friends along the way, although the ones that he made were deep and lasting. His relationships never interfered with the mission. It seemed Donitz lived only for combat. After the Battle of Endor, Donitz's services were in high demand; any warlord would have paid well to have him on their roster. Donitz ended up with Majere's fleet, calling itself the Vast Empire, based near Byss, and he served in the Deep Core until the time came to merge with the New Imperium. He distinguished himself in the NI right from the start. He survived both the Battle of Mizar and the Battle of Varnus, two of the bloodiest battles of the war, both with record kills.

For Donitz, flying came as naturally as breathing. It wasn't the thrill that he lived for; it was fulfilling his mission. He flew for the New Imperium because it was his duty, not because he shared its ideals. He did not let attitude or personal issues get in the way of what needed to get done. The NI's other ace, Maarek Stele, developed something of a friendly rivalry with Donitz. To Donitz, however, rivalries were petty, and he never considered Stele as such, though Maarek chafed when Donitz was given command of the First Fleet's starfighters in orbit during the Battle of Varnus.