Rann Wosper was a fighter pilot in the New Imperium Navy's Inferno Squadron, led by Maarek Stele. He served as Maarek's wingman until his death in the Battle of Varnus.

Background Edit

Rann was a native of Varnus, and had served in the defense forces until the New Imperium moved in. Of medium height, and slim, he was the perfect size for a pilot. He was also the prankster of the group, often telling jokes and trying to lighten the situation, especially during the more depressing times of the war. He had the habit of always brushing back his blond hair that kept standing straight up. He was known as a lady's man, but almost never engaged in anything serious or long-lasting. He was very loyal to Maarek Stele, flying as Inferno Two until the Battle of Varnus, when he was killed by Jedicon pilots.

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