Ralagos Akala was a Togorian Jedi Adept in the New Imperium Jedi Division. An able fighter, he was a close ally of Grand Master Xar Kerensky, often helping train other Jedi and participating heavily in the conflict with the Altarin'Dakor.

Background Edit

Born into a large litter on his homeworld of Togaria, Akala had a big family. He was larger than most of his siblings, and among a race that was known to have many Force-sensitives and sporting a large number of Jedi throughout history, it was still surprising to find that all of his brothers and sisters were Force-sensitive to some extent. However, Ralagos was by far the strongest of the bunch. Trained as a warrior but very noble in thought and deed, he was stricken by the wanderlust that often hit males of the Togorian species. Akala set out to explore the galaxy and to develop his Force powers, in the hopes of bringing honor back to his people someday.

His travels took him across much of the galaxy as he searched out and became involved with various smaller Force-senstive groups, but he never found his true fit. Then, one day he met Grand Master Xar Kerensky. The Grand Master had traveled to the planet Terminus in search of a certain Force artifact and came across Akala, who was working as a bodyguard for a very wealthy collector. Sensing the Togorian's Force Power Level and sensing providence through the Force, Xar spoke with Akala and convinced him to come to Varnus, as part of Kerensky's Jedi Order within the New Imperium. Ralagos agreed, and accompanied the Grand Master back to Varnus for further training.
Akala rose quickly through the ranks and became a training partner for Kerensky. He could usually be found by the Grand Master's side, almost in a kind of bodyguard role as well, and was part of Keresky's "cadre". Ralagos also helped train the young boy Derek, who had a natural affinity towards the large Togorian, and they became good friends.

During the Battle of Varnus, Akala slew many enemy Jedicon, though he was seriously injured in a fight with the Korobite Jedicon, Kodonn'Dakor Nilka under the Shok'Thola Nimrod. Though he survived, he was put out of action for several weeks, and some of the injuries he'd sustained would continue to bother him in the years to come.

Personality and Traits Edit

Though large, muscular and imposing with his orange-brown fur, Ralagos had a soft heart, evidenced by his affection for Xar and for young Derek. He was fiercely loyal to the Grand Master and his ideals, and could always be found in his “cadre”. As a result of having many friends and family he was very amiable and social, able to make many friends, regardless of race.

Lightsaber color: white

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