Petur Kien was a member of Maarek Stele's elite Inferno Squadron. Though Inferno's youngest member, he was also one of the most innately skilled, and showed such great promise that Maarek took him under his wing as a type of protege. However, Petur's life met an untimely end when he was shot down by Kamren Thansil in the battle for Sigma.

Background Edit

Petur Kien was a human male from Varnus, one of three native Varnusians in Inferno Squadron. Maarek Stele chanced upon this young man with immense innate, piloting skills as he was building his elite squadron. Petur had been a farmer before the New Imperium moved into the sector, living on a farm with his large family, no one ever suspecting the talent he had for flying. When the NI came in, he joined the planetary defense force and was noticed by Bast Vlagen, who took him under his wing. When Maarek recruited Bast to help him assemble Inferno Squadron, Bast brought Petur along, giving his personal recommendation to Stele, who readily accepted.

Petur quickly demonstrated that he was growing to become a natural ace. He still lacked experience and judgment, skills that Maarek knew would come with time. When that time came, Maarek knew that Petur would be one of the New Imperium's top aces. He spent extra time training the young man, who seemed to have found his purpose in life as a member of Maarek's Squadron. Petur was a strong friend and loyal wingman, serving in flight three.

Petur fought hard in the war against the Altarin'Dakor, surviving the Battle of Mizar and helping hold the squadron together after that. Later engagements took the squadron from Sigma, to Jengar, Talas, and finally back to Sigma. It was there, defending the planet from Altarin'Dakor attack, that Petur went head-to-head against the Altarin'Dakor top ace, Kamren Thansil. Though he put up a strong fight, he was still no match yet for Thansil's skills, and was killed in the engagement.

Petur's death hit Maarek very hard, and nearly cost him his life against Thansil, as well. Though he eventually recovered, he always kept the boy's memory alive, and questions of what might have been someday.

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