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Welcome to the New Imperium Wiki!

The New Imperium Wiki is a collaborative website dedicated to the New Imperium Plotline, an extensive database with information on the series as well as resources and references to help readers.  Enjoy your stay here and feel free to add articles as well!

In an isolated pocket of the galaxy, a desperate war will be waged. A group of former Imperial fleets and organizations has banded together to create an area that is safe from the ravages of war that threaten to tear the galaxy apart. Situated in Epsilon Sector, with the New Republic on one side, and the Unknown Regions on the other, the New Imperium struggles to survive. Yet, from the deepest regions of space, a new enemy is returning, greater than any the galaxy has seen before. An invincible force with one goal: to take back what it rightfully theirs. And at their corridor's most vital focal point lies the only chance at stopping them: The New Imperium.


  • Lots of pages are coming in now! Mainly focusing on characters right now, both the main heroes and villains of the series. A lot of behind the scenes and previously unreleased info and backstory you won't find anywhere else!
  • Still adding in new pages! Would love some help!
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