The SSD Independence with escorts orbiting Tralaria

The New Imperium Starfleet saw many different incarnations, organizations and structures over the years. Originally, each member fleet had autonomy over their own fleets and forces, and answered only to the NI Senate. Later, when the groups were integrated into one government, the NI Starfleet was created, with two fleets and six task forces. However, these task forces were still generally kept in the same groups as their former organizations held them, and maintained the same fleet commanders.

After the Battle of Varnus, the fleet was reorganized once again. The First Fleet had been wiped out at Varnus, and two of the former fleet commanders, admirals Majere and Shok'fer, lead many of their former forces away from Epsilon Sector, along with those who desired to fleet the seemingly endless war that the Altarin'Dakor had wrought upon them. Also, with the addition of Titan-class Battleships formerly belonging to the Shok'Thola Nimrod, the overall fleet strength of the New Imperium increased greatly, though this move also introduced large amounts of strife and enmity between the Altarin'Dakor and New Imperial elements. A single fleet was created, with three task forces, each led by one of Nimrod's former command ships.

The most up-to-date order of battle for the New Imperium Navy is listed below (current as of the story Remembrance).

NI Order of Battle 
By Ship Class Edit


In orbit around Tralaria, the capital.

Task Force Crusader Edit

Flagship: Titan-class Battleship Grand Crusader
Allegiance-class SD Ravenspyre
World Devastator(WLD) Pillager 9
MJT Scimitar
ISD-3 Vindicator
ISD Crusader  
ISD Dragoon II 
INT Permanence

INT Scharnhorst
VSD Firestorm  
VSD Warspite   
FRG Lazarett  
CRK Pursuer  
CRK Defender  
ESC Tuscon
ESC Hawk's Nest
A/FRG Sunfire

Task Force Cataclysm

Flagship: Titan-class Battleship Cataclysm
ISD-II Crimson Knight
ISD-II Star Fire
ISD-II Stalker  
ISD War Hammer  
ISD Revenant  
ISD Phoenix
VSD-II Voyager  
INT Trapper
INT Fate
M/FRG Bloodstar II
FRG Skene
STRKC Phalanx
CRK Mauler
CRK Belfast

Task Force Ascendancy

Flagship: Titan-class Battleship Ascendancy
MC-120 Darkstar

M/ISD II Stormwatch
ISD Red Horizon  
ISD Majesty
VSD Raider (Kaav'Klan Empire - NI Allies)
VSD Britannia  
VSD Grandeur 
INT Hindrance  
INT Obstructor  
MC-60 Triumphant  
MC-60 Traktion  
L/FRG Red Nebula  
M/FRG Hood  
M/FRG Lading  
M/FRG Impel  
FRG Lord Gita  
FRG Sieve  
FRG Shroud  
STRKC Longbow  
STRKC Creon  
STRKC Vagabond  
STRKC Vagrant  
CRK Brandt  
CRK Bravado  
CRK Courier  
CRK Jennet  
DREAD Galthain  
DGN Lord Keto