The New Imperium was a coalition of disparate former Imperials (and some Rebels and other factions) that banded together to form a new government in Epsilon Sector, near the Unknown Regions and far from settled space. They attempted to create a system with the strength, structure and organization of the Empire but with the freedoms and ideals of the New Republic. Though this fledgling government quickly grew and matured, its development was halted by the invasion of the Altarin'Dakor from the Unknown Regions.

The New Imperium was originally made up of the Intruder Wing, the Dark Lightning Strike Fleet, the Jedi Division (the Society of Shadows and Clan Ar'kell merged together), the New Corporate Sector Authority, and others. Eventually Majere's Vast Empire Strike Fleet and the Star Vipers joined in. After the invasion of the Altarin'Dakor, however, the decision was made to unify the separate fleets and provinces into a single, unified government and military.

The New Imperium was ruled by the Senate, with elected senators from each province and independent system, and a Diktat was elected as commander-in-chief. During the war, a War Coordinator position was created, giving the head of the military more autonomy in the battle arena.

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The New Imperium (Club and Online Organization) Edit

The New Imperium originated as a Star Wars gaming club in 1998. At that time, a group of several different clubs banded together to form a single, allied organization that would center around the same general theme and facilitate gaming together. This new over-club was more heavily centered around a driving storyline than other clubs of the time, and one of the primary methods of its development was through the means of fan fiction stories that centered around the characters in the clubs themselves. In one sense it was like a massively multiplayer role playing game, though centered around fiction and multiple gaming platforms.
Though the New Imperium grew to several hundred members in strength, a decline in the Star Wars games of the time and the popularity of the club format saw numbers dwindle. Some clubs left to pursue their own agendas while others closed due to inactivity. The New Imperium was virtually closed down between 2002-2005.At that point, the owner of, who was one of the initial founders and the main writer of the plot line, decided to revive the New Imperium as a fan fiction hub and resource and to continue the storyline all the way to completion. The stories were heavily edited to improve the story, fix continuity problems and make it accessible for the new reader. The New Imperium is no longer a club, but is rather a single long, epic storyline set in the Star Wars universe. The stories are currently still being written.

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