Nadia Ispen was a Jedi Crusader serving in the New Imperium Jedi Division, and very loyal to Grand Master Xar Kerensky.

Background Edit

Nadia, born in 18 BBY, came from a rich Imperial family on Coruscant and was very artistically-minded. After the Empire’s fall, she felt safe enough to explore her latent Force-abilities. She discovered the Jensaari, joined them, and spent eight years training to use the Force as one of them. During her studies and travels she heard of the New Imperium and its Jedi that had broken away from the Dark Brotherhood, and she went to join them.
In the New Imperium, Xar Kerensky sensed her latent Force abilities and took her under his wing. She became a loyal member of his "cadre" and rose to the rank of Jedi Crusader after the Battle of Varnus.

Personality and Traits Edit

Nadia admired Grand Master Kerensky for his strict training philosophies and ruthless attempt to stamp out traitors and threats to the NI. Her attitudes kept her somewhat distant and a loner from many others, though she did have a few friends in the NI. Nadia didn’t get along with Rynn Mariel very well due to their differences in philosophy and Nadia's strict agreement with Grand Master Kerensky. She kept her hair cropped short and dyed it pure white. She had brown eyes, was quite attractive and was fairly tall. She was very loyal to Xar’s cause and was in his “cadre”. Though she secretly had fallen in love with the Grand Master, she was very careful to hide her feelings lest Kerensky's wife, the powerful Shok'Thola Zalaria, find out.

Lightsaber color – deep blue.
Age as of Battle of Varnus: 32 years

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