The Majestic-class Cruiser

The Majestic-class Cruiser was a ship designed by Walt Amason for the New Imperium Starfleet during the war against the Altarin'Dakor. It was developed as a direct response to the Altarin'Dakor threat, and was specifically designed to combat their Titan-class Battleships.


The first stages of the war quickly saw the destruction of many of the New Imperium's Star Destroyers and other capital ships. These warships, while large and powerful by the rest of the galaxy's standards, simply were no match for the beam weapons and other deadly armaments that the Altarin'Dakor used. Furthermore, these ships generally carried many turbolaser emplacements, which were ideal for taking out smaller targets, but inadequate to penetrate the shields of a Titan-class Batteship.

The Majestic-class Cruiser was built for one purpose: to knock out large enemy battleships. Utilizing technologies gained from the Altarin'Dakor after the Shok'Thola Zalaria defected, the 1000-meter ship was designed around a single main weapon: the mass driver. Essentially a giant rail gun, the weapon would accelerate shield and armor-piercing slugs to orbital velocities. The Majestic was built to be fast and lightly crewed in order to keep production costs down.

The prototype ship met with vast success in eliminating two Altarin'Dakor cruisers that attacked the Sigma star system. Afterwards, several more were produced, and they proved instrumental in helping defend Varnus during the main confrontation there. They also proved valuable in the Second Battle of Mizar, although most of the ships were eventually destroyed in that battle.


The Majestic-class Cruiser had a single mass driver weapon, which could be fired up to two times per minute. The ship also sported 30 regular turbolasers for self-defense purposes. Shields and armor were kept light, with an emphasis in speed and maneuverability. Standard operating crew consisted of 50 individuals, which was extremely low for this size starship.

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