Kikitik was a pilot in Inferno Squadron led by Maarek Stele. His exploits made him a hero in the eyes of his people, but he was devastated by the defeat and subjugation of the Sigmans by the Altarin'Dakor.

Background Edit

Kikitik was a Kaav'Klan male from Sigma, and was that system's greatest ace, whom they sent to the New Imperium as an ambassador to the navy. He joined Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron when he was just putting it together on Varnus. Kikitik had a custom Avatar cockpit and communicated via translator. Due to the comical habits of the Sigmans, Kikitik often hung out with the other resident prankster, Rann Wosper, and could never resist telling a good joke or making light of a serious situation. Kikitik was related to Kaviq, the ambassador of the Sigmans to the NI Senate, who was killed when the Altarin'Dakor took over their world.

Kikitik, already an ace pilot, gained great fame for his part in quashing the coup attempt by Xantak to kill Emperor Virzixl and take over Sigma. As part of Maarek’s squadron, he helped to save the emperor and defeat the traitors, earning him legendary status on Sigma. As a result he was afraid to even step foot on Sigma for a long time for fear of never having the freedom to leave and fly a fighter again. However, when the Altarin'Dakor took the Sigma System, Kikitik went ballistic and nearly rushed out on a suicide run against the invaders. Maarek held him back, though from that point onwards his spirit was subdued. His fighter was shot down during the Battle of Varnus, but he survived to fight another day along with new Inferno commander Salle Darl and the others.