Gren Pabos was a member of Maarek Stele's Inferno Squadron. He survived many engagements with the enemy, including the Battle of Varnus, fighting against the [[Altarin'Dakor during the war.

Background Edit

Gren Pabos was a human male from Renastatia, one of the refugees who had followed leader Jacob Skipper and taken shelter on Ravick in the Moro System. House Vortigern of the Jedi Division had taken the refugees in, and they were eager to give something back to the NI. Gren was one of the best Renastasian pilots in the group, and volunteered to join Inferno Squadron after meeting Maarek Stele.

Gren had a budding relationship with Kei Nomos until she was killed in the Battle of Mizar. After that, he sank into depression, but his fellow squadron mates kept him back from the brink. With renewed vigor he fought against the Altarin'Dakor, rackeing up kills and earned ace status during the war. He survived the Battle of Varnus along with a few other Inferno members, and joined with Salle Darl, with whom he continued to fly as wingman, as she took command and rebuilt the unit.

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