A Death Child was a member of the Kajeat whose mother or father had died during the birthing process. This was a very rare occurrence; its two most notable cases, Malduke and Icis Novitaar, were over 70,000 years apart. Other Death Child cases had been reported, but none with the same amount of controversy that these two generated.

Malduke was the ancient evil Traveler that started the Dark War in 75,000 BBY and nearly took over the entire known universe, but was defeated and sealed away inside the Galbagos Nebula.

Icis Novitaar, son of Moa Gault, became a Death Child when his mother died during the birthing, and he went on to have a record of interfering in the affairs of other civilizations, breaking the number one rule of Kajeat society. The first time, Icis was stripped of half his Force powers and forced to work in the Altarin'Dakor galaxy. The second time, the Travelers wanted Icis put away permanently, but he negotiated with Angol Moa to only have the rest of his Force powers taken away and permanently banned from Traveler society.

Some Kajeat felt that Death Children were cursed; others thought they were innately evil, or mentally insane, or that they would all go haywire eventually. They cited the extreme case of Malduke's ambition, and Icis' flagrant flaunting of the law, to support ostracizing them from Kajeat society. However, the process of the birthing itself, and the nature of how new Kajeat were born, might have been the key to understanding what exactly happened when a Death Child was born. It was likely that Angol Moa understood this phenomenon, but she did not share this with her fellow Kajeat, and any secrets she knew were ones that she kept to herself.