Bast Vlagen was an experienced fighter pilot in the New Imperium Navy, serving as leader of Flight Two in Inferno Squadron, led by Maarek Stele. He served in the squadron until his death in the Battle of Varnus.

Background Edit

Bast Vlagen was a human male from Varnus, and was Maarek Stele's first member added when creating his personal Inferno Squadron. Already an accomplished Imperial ace, then New Imperium pilot, the dark-skinned veteran was often the squadron's rock of stability and confidence. His tried and true tactics and experience proven invaluable in helping Maarek assemble the rest of the unit. Bast held a lot of respect for Maarek, due to his fame as an Imperial pilot, and held no ill feelings because Maarek had left the Empire to rescue his father Kerek. Because of his experience, he was the second of Maarek's two flight leaders.

Bast had a wife and two children on Varnus. He also had a tact for command and took over and strictly kept the squadron together during Maarek’s absence. After the devastation of Varnus he joined the Empire, like many Varnusians, and served until the Emperor’s death. Then, disillusioned, he returned to Varnus and joined the defense forces and quickly became a leader there. When the NI moved into the sector he joined up and Grand Master Xar Kerensky noticed him quickly, recommending him to Maarek’s squadron before anyone else.

Bast served loyally in Inferno Squadron until the Battle of Varnus, when he was slain by Jedicon pilots while attempting to cover the rest of Inferno's retreat. He had just turned 49 years of age.

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