Atridd Xoan was a Jedi Adept, and member of the New Imperium's Jedi Division. He was a staunch supporter of Grand Master Xar Kerensky, fought hard against the Altarin'Dakor during the Second Great War, and was promoted to the Jedi Council as Kensei after the Battle of Varnus.

History Edit

Born in 27 BBY on Coruscant, Atridd was a champion sports athlete on in his youth. He competed in wrestling as well as martial arts competitions. His natural Force abilities manifested themselves in raw talent, giving him more strength and dexterity than his opponents. He lived in fame as a champion for years, but due to his overconfidence and pride he had a hard fall from grace. His wife walked out on him and she and their son were killed in the devastation of Coruscant when the Empire retook the planet, something that changed his outlook on life, and always haunted him.

Becoming harder and rededicating his life, he left and worked for a large trading company, earning his keep and learning the value of discipline and hard work, and grew mature and dedicated to whatever he was doing. He finally learned of the New Imperium and hoping to develop his impressive Force abilities, he met Xar Kerensky and was immediately drawn to his charisma. Xoan was serious and totally focused on his tasks, quickly rising to the level of mentor. He mentored Rynn Mariel when she joined the Order, as well as many others. He joined in the mission to Dathomir that went awry, and in the fight on Hijarna in Glimpse of Shadows he lost his right arm to the Jedicon Turles. H had it replaced with a droid arm prosthetic, then later he encased the arm in synthflesh, but until that time had several gadgets installed in the arm.

After that, Atridd helped Xar to root out Altarin'Dakor spies and agents within the New Imperium, though they couldn't possibly hope to find them all. He helped train younger Jedi on how to fight Jedicon. In the Battle of Varnus, he killed many opponents, and after Ralagos Akala was critically injured, Xoan engaged and killed the Jedicon Nilka, Kodonn'Dakor under the Shok'Thola Nimrod. After the battle, he was promoted to the Jedi Council as Kensai, replacing Gui Sun Paan, who had fallen in the battle.

Personality and Traits Edit

Atridd was a staunch member of Xar’s “cadre” even though he did not agree with everything Xar did or the way he thought. But, he was loyal to him as a leader, and because Xar had a certain quality that drew and inspired him, as with many others. Atridd was good friends with Rynn Mariel. He was a tall and broad-shouldered black man with a very muscular physique. He had brown eyes, was bald, and had a mustache that curved down to his chin.

Age as of Battle of Varnus: 41 years