Angol Moa was the Kajeat who created the Entity in the Travelers' home dimension. When her project backfired, she developed a technology that transformed the Kajeat into energy beings and transported them into our own universe. After that, she continued to lead the Travelers as their Supreme Leader for the next 100,000 years, though she mostly lived a reclusive lifestyle and rarely interfered with Kajeat politics or the Supreme Council of Elders.

Angol Moa was believed to be the greatest genius in the history of the known universe; she created many of the technologies that the Kajeat were based upon, in addition to solving countless disputes and wars through her inventions and mediation. It was often claimed that there was problem or task that Angol Moa could not build a device or technology to solve.

She came out of semi-retirement to assist Icis Novitaar when he went on trial for interfering in other species' affairs. Through her mediation, instead of being imprisoned for millennia, he was merely stripped of his Force Powers and immortality and exiled from the Traveler homeworld forever.

Personality and Traits Edit

It was unclear how many hosts Angol Moa had merged with over the years, but her latest incarnation was that of a short, attractive woman with green eyes and wild, fiery red hair that she let grow almost down to her knees behind her. Her personality often seemed to others to be erratic, to say the least. She was known to speak jokingly about even the most dire situations, and was often very cryptic about what she said and what information she revealed. Many thought her insane; it was uncertain if this was an act, or somehow the merging of many personalities into one being over the many millennia she had lived.