Amleth Uiara was a Jedi Paladin in the New Imperium Jedi Division and the leader of House Vortigern. He was a core member of the Jedi fighting against the Altarin'Dakor until his death in the Battle of Varnus in 14 ABY.

Background Edit

Amleth's father, king of the planet Sinorel, was murdered by his subordinate Tains, who then took control of Sinorel. Amleth found out about his father’s murder and was tortured by Tains, but he eventually escaped, though Tains vowed to hunt him down. Amleth had a fiancee whose name was Sheona, and she was left on Sinorel when he fled. Amleth later joined with Talon Karrde's smuggling organization and served aboard the Wild Karrde, where he learned a lot from Ghent. Then Tains found him and demanded he be handed over, but Karrde helped him to escape. He found himself near Varnus, and traveled there, where he discovered the New Imperium and eventually joined the Jedi Order there.
Amleth rose quickly through the ranks of the Jedi Division, and he recruited Varanus Templar into the Order, as well. Later, he returned to Sinorel after the events in “Glimpse of Shadows” with Varanus Templar to save his world from Tains, but Sheona, now a bounty hunter, betrayed them. They fought their way out of the trap and were saved by Jedi Council members Vynd Archaron and Gui Sun Paan, but Tains and Sheona escaped alive.

Amleth eventually rose to become the Quaestor, or leader of Jedi House Vortigern. When the Altarin'Dakor invaded and took over the Moro System, he and House Vortigern relocated back to the Royal Palace on Varnus. He continued to serve as Quaestor until the Battle of Varnus, in which he fought against the Jedicon who had invaded the Royal Palace. It was there during the battle, when the Shok'Thola Nimrod descended to the planet to claim victory, that Amleth valiantly attacked the Warlord, even though he knew doing so would mean certain death. Nimrod easily dispatched the Jedi, although his own demise was not far behind. After his death, Varanus Templar took up his mentor's lightsaber, vowing to continue in the same tradition that Amleth had followed, and to honor the memory of his fallen friend.

Amleth was very loyal to the NI's cause and to that of the Jedi Order. He kept a companion R2 unit, which he named Ozie, which after his death became the property of Varanus Templar.

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