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There were many types of Altarin'Dakor starfighters, each suited to a different role. In addition, different Warlords built and used different kinds of fighters. In the course of a single battle, the New Imperium Starfleet might find itself up against dozens of different fighter types. Therefore, a comprehensive list is impossible to make. However, below are some of the more common types.

Light Fighters[]

Medium Fighters[]

Heavy Fighters[]


Dirk Stilleto Punisher Javelin
Wraith Widowmaker Nightstar



Altarin'Dakor starfighters came with a wide variety of weapons. However, several features were common. They were sleek-shaped, and well versed in both atmospheric as well as space combat. They usually had some kind of pilot-link, which connect to implants in the back of the pilot's head. This enabled faster reaction times, higher endurance during intense maneuvers, and to some degree, 'thought functions' such as fire-on-demand. However, the latter was not a true 'mind-meld' system; this was only truly achieved in the development of the Archon Fighter, or 'superfighter'.

Most Altarin'Dakor fighters were equipped with beam weapons. These weapons fired continuous beams of energy, rather than the pulsated blasts that Imperial and New Republic vessels carried. This enabled far more damage in a short amount of time. Beam hits were more often than not fatal; even a glancing blow could incapacitate an enemy or send it into a chain reaction. This singular weapon proved devastating in the opening stages of The Return, and the New Imperium was nearly destroyed because of it.

Beam weapons were deadly to New Imperium starfighters.

Other armament included shockwave missile launchers, and some fighters sported rail gun systems. All Altarin'Dakor fighters were outfitted with heavy shielding, which was extremely difficult for the NI's lasers to penetrate. Often pairs of missiles or advanced torpedoes were necessary in order to bring the shields down. However, once this was accomplished, they found that most Altarin'Dakor starfighters were lightly armored. This may have been due to cost effectiveness, since so much of the ships' power was put into the shields. However, there were exceptions to this rule; heavy fighters such as the Punisher and Nightstar were heavily armored as well as shielded.

Altarin'Dakor Starfighter: Stilleto

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One of the AD's most common fighters, codenamed the Stilleto by the New Imperium, was also one of the most advanced, and packed a considerable punch. It was dangerous against both NI fighters and smaller capital ships, and is just as at home in the atmosphere as in deep space. Armed with beam weapons and mass drivers, these ships were very maneuverable and very deadly to any pilot who encountered one.

Other Altarin'Dakor Fighter classes

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A Jedicon starfighter, codenamed Widowmaker by the NI. Suited for space combat, it was highly maneuverable with four beam weapons. Flown by the most elite Jedicon pilots, they were a most deadly combination. Two more standard AD fighters, the Javelin-class bomber and Dirk-class fighter. An Altarin'Dakor stealth fighter with full cloaking ability. This ship, codenamed Wraith, was deadly and best utilized in surprise attacks. A Nightstar, an Altarin'Dakor heavy fighter. With six beam emplacements and heavy defenses, this ship had accounted for countless NI losses. It was also used by the Crinn, who employed a mass driver-mounted variant.


Altarin'Dakor fighters could travel in hyperspace, and some were even capable of opening portals into Ultraspace for even longer-distance travel.